Keep Looking Here!

New photos

I have been in the picture taking mood! As I am learning about photography and all my camera can do I am finding there soo much more for me to do with it.I also love to edit my photos to bring out the best in them...

Its School Time!

Today Christopher started his first day of Pre-K 4. It is bitter sweet though. He is growing up so fast. I remember the day I had him like it was yesterday. It was him that changed my life forever. He started it all. With all that he has gone through with his speech delay, I know he is doing wonderfully. He has come so far since he first started with speech therapy. And I know that he will continue to make progress! Here is to a new year of school! Hope it is a great one for us...

Weekend Fun

This weekend we had some fun. The weekend first started out with a visit from my sister, Todd and the kiddos. They were only able to visit for the evening while waiting for Todds daughters to fly in from Denver. But regardless of how long the visit was, it was great to see them. I know Christopher definitely made up for the lack of time with Donaven. He had a blast!  Unfortunately Aaron had to go to bed early as he had to work the next morning. So then saturday Aarons brother Josh his wife Tiffani and their daughter skye came in for the night. We went to Momaks for dinner. That is a wonderful place to enjoy adult time and still let the kids play. Best of all the kids loved seeing each other. Hope its not too long till we see each other again. Here are some pictures.