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Ross baby #3- Its a BOY!

Chandler Payton was born May 6, 2010. He was 8 lbs. and 21 in. long...

After weeks of braxton hicks and false labor we set up our induction date. We went in at 6 am. Got all of the blood work done and got hooked up to my IV and monitors... At 7 am we got the Pitocin started along with fluids. I was 2.5 cm and 80% effaced. I was already contracting but nothing regular. At 9 am my water was broken, 2.5 cm still and contracting every 2-3 minutes. Pain started to come faster so I got my epidural at 1130. I had some issues with my BP being too low so I got really sick and lightheaded. IT took a while to put it in due to not keeping my back in position. That hurt though! A hour later at 1130 I went from 2.5 cm to 9 cm and having a lip. My contractions were not registering big on the monitor but I was REALLY feeling the pressure. I knew it was going to be soon. So the dr then decides to tell me she will be back in about 30 minutes cause she had to do a c-section... I have to say that was the longest 30 minutes EVER!!! The pressure was so intense. I felt everything! I was crying with ever contraction and squeezing aarons hand. At that time they got the room ready and the family went to the waiting room cause I did not want the boys to see me like that. We went ahead and called them and had them put the speaker phone on so they could still hear what was going on. FINALLY the dr came in and it was roll time! I started to push but felt this immediate burning sensation. I asked the dr what in the world she was doing but she then told me it was not her, it was in fact him. I really wonder if my epidural had wore off cause man it was the worst pain EVER!!! I was biting on aarons hand. I finally had to bear the pain and push through it. I think it only last like 10 minutes and he was FINALLY out!!!!!
Here are the boys seeing Chandler right after he was born. That was defiantly a surreal moment!

Later that day... He had already changed!

1 day old still at the hospital. We were having some spitting up issues due to him swallowing some fluid since he was born so fast. So they wanted to keep a eye on him.

2 days old...
Going home today... 5-9-2010
They gave me the ok to take him home. We had not had any spitting up episodes. I was still a little nervous about the breastfeeding but I knew we would figure it out!
So we got home all ok. It was soooo nice to be in our own bed. Have good food. And be home with the boys... That was a long weekend!

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