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Birthday parties galore!

Man we are a busy family during the summer when it comes to birthdays! Now that chandler is here that will make two birthdays in May, the 6th and then 10 days later on the 16th is logans, the in June is my birthday then in July on the 14th is Christophers.
This summer Christophers birthday lands in the middle of the week. So we decided to make it the weekend before. I think I might have waited too long before planning it. lol Right now christopher has changed his mind from Spiderman and Superman to Iron Man. It is alot easier to plan a spiderman. They have so much out there for it. But Iron Man, even though the new movie is out, I am not finding a whole lot. I hope we can make it cool for him. I just love seeing his face when he sees something like a cake. Plus family is coming up so it will be even better!

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