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    Christopher has started soccer. He is doing good. Taking some time to get use to the rules and understanding the sport. He was not thrilled at all at his first game though. It was EXTREMELY hot that day and just made him not want to play nothing! But now that it is cooler we can finally work with him outside and he enjoys it more. This saturday is his second game and picture day. Hope its good!
   Chandler had his ENT appointment a few weeks for his tongue tie. They decided it was too dangerous to do it in the office so we had to schedule a surgery date for the following week at the hospital. It was so tough thinking about putting him under anesthesia and making him go through the pain but I knew it needed to be done! We had the time and hospital changed 3 times before the big day. It was so aggravating. I just wanted it to be over with. Wednesday September 22 came around. We had to be at the hospital at 10 am. The day was very hectic. Chandler could have milk only till 4 am. After that he was only allowed 3 oz of clear pedialyte until 8 am. and for the last 4 hours he was not allowed anything. Needless to say he was very very unhappy.  While we were waiting in the room before they took him back, I wanted to hold him so bad and comfort him but it actually made it worse. He knows that when I hold him I have the milk. So he automatically wanted to nurse. So Aaron held him for majorly the time while waiting for the doctor. The anesthesiologist came in and told us he did in fact need a breathing tube and IV due to the fact he needs a way to breathe and since they are working in his mouth they cant hold a oxygen mask over his face. ugh I was livid at the fact they told me he wouldn't. So about 15 minutes ahead of schedule they took him back. I was soooooooo upset and scared. I knew it would be about 20 minutes or so with prep time and the procedure till we heard anything. After he was taken back I went to the restroom and cried some more. I had so many emotions running through me at the time. But I knew it was for the best. He had only gained a ounce in a few days. I knew it needed to be done. I spent the remaining time talking to my family. Calling and texting to keep everyone updated. As soon as I know it the doctor came out saying everything went well. He was being taken to recovery. They had to use 2 stitches but did clear enough of the frenulum to allow for good lengthening of the tongue. Said we just needed to wait for the nurse to come and get us. It was about 5 minutes and they came to get us. We went back there and it was so sad. He had the IV still in and cords coming from him. He was still very groggy and trying to clear his throat. They were trying to get him to drink some clear liquids from a bottle but he was not having anything to do with it. They did let me breastfeed him right away. It was soooo nice to hold him in my arms and know he was ok. He fed right away and seemed to have no pain. I was so relieved. I could tell a difference in his latch as well. Alot bigger and his suck swallow ratio was alot better than before. Within a hour we were discharged and on our way home! Chandler is doing well now being a week since the procedure. I can see a difference in nursing him for sure! I think he gets stuck in his comfort nursing stage but we are working on it. He goes for a weight check with the pedi and also his post-op appt as well in a few weeks! Here is to some good weight gain!!!!!!!!! Here is also some newer pictures of chandler that I took during a little quiet time...

Now that fall weather is here we have been spending more time outside. This week we met up with a friend, Whitney, at the Brackenridge Park for some play time. Whitney is a mom of a new little girl and so we have alot in common. The boys really played their hearts out! It is so nice when you can let the boys play and then I get some adult interaction as well! 

Aaron has had some extra time on his hands as he is not working overtime so he is spending lots of time preparing for his car show at the end of October. This is the biggest car show here in San Antonio and he plans on being a vendor and showing his RPM Illustrations artwork there. I really hope he does well and gets a good response. As for me though I stay at home. I have started to go back to the gym. I did join the Zumba class and LOVED it. It was just my style and I love that I had fun and still broke a sweat. I will definitely be going back! 

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